Tuesday, 9 June 2009

What kind of libertarian are you?

An interesting quiz, for which thanks to Mr. Allan. Libertarians are a varied and diverse group, and while we are all good friends, we don't all see eye to eye on everything.

My results were as follows:
You Scored as Minarchist

Paleo-libertarian 100%
Minarchist 92%
Left-libertarian 67%
"Small L" libertarian 50%
Anarcho-capitalist 33%
Agorist 25%
Neo-libertarian 17%
Geo-libertarian 17%
Libertarian socialist 0%
Now you know everything about me - not that I know what all these words mean!

Try it yourself, though I suspect that it will tell you that you are some sort of libertarian, even if you aren't.


Jonathan Hunt said...

Heres mine:

Minarchist on a tie break with paleo libertarian, both 83 %. I was also 0% libertarian socialist. GOOD!!

Phil Walker said...

Minarchist on a 75% tie-break with left-libertarian.

Sounds kind of believable, at least: by personal history I came from the old left to classical liberalism, and in consequence I continue to believe in a role for government in funding (not providing, just funding) a minimal safety net and certain public goods, like education and healthcare.

bethyada said...

What, may I ask, is a libertarian socialist?

bethyada said...

Some questions difficult to answer for a non-US citizen (who is Bob Barr for example). And as typical for these types of quizzes, no scope for subtle beliefs. Here's me:

Paleo-libertarian 83%
Minarchist 83%
"Small L" libertarian 50%
Neo-libertarian 50%
Left-libertarian 50%
Agorist 42%
Anarcho-capitalist 42%
Geo-libertarian 8%
Libertarian socialist 8%

patently said...

"You Scored as Minarchist
Minarchists are libertarians who advocate a strictly limited government and usually a more decentralized form of it [...]the bare bones position is essentially nothing more than police, courts and the military. Minarchists tend to think that some minimum level of government is a necessary evil, or at least an inevitability.

Minarchist 83%

A pretty accurate summary of my views, I'd say!

I'm also very pleased to see:

Libertarian socialist 0%

Greg said...

I have tried it several times, and it just won't grade mine ... may be it is too confused by incoherent answers?

Oh well.

Longrider said...

I couldn't get it to work either.

Young Mr. Brown said...

Oh dear. There must be a bug in the system. I hope it's nothing to do with me . . .