Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Voting intention and religious activity

There are some interesting things in the recent YouGov poll on the European elections. Jonny Newton (scroll down to the "update") and Phil Walker have pointed out some of them.

For myself, I was intrigued by responses to the question “Are you a member of a church or religious organisation?” The proportion who said “yes”, by political affiliation, was as follows:

Conservative - 12%
Labour - 12%
LibDem - 13%
Green - 10%
UKIP - 9%
BNP - 5%

So, LibDem voters are (by a small margin) the most likely to be members of a ‘religious organisation’, and BNP voters are (by a considerable margin) the least likely to.

I suppose that it would have been interesting if “church or religious organisation" had been split into “Christian church” “mosque” “synagogue”and “other”, but we can’t have everything.

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