Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Policing and utter madness

Another video from the Christian Institute about policing. In some ways, very similar to the one I posted a few days ago. But no, this is not a posting which effectively duplicates the last one. The point is that there is a pattern emerging, and the Christian Institute is providing a helpful service in highlighting these incidents. I hope that they emerge as a consistently libertarian organisation.

The gent in the video speaks about the action of the police as being a disproportionate response, and a large waste of police time, and that strikes me as a bit of an understatement. The actions of the police were completely silly, and one rather suspects that the officers involved knew perfectly well that it was silly, but that they had no choice but to follow orders.

Where are their orders coming from? The agenda is clearly that of the government, and it appears that the way that the government implement their agenda is through ACPO. Interestingly enough, ACPO do not operate in Scotland, and I cannot recall hearing any reports of incidents of this type of police activity in Scotland. (If any readers have, I’d be interested to know.)

The comment about wasting police time is well made. The police seem to have plenty of resources for certain purposes - including, er, ahem, those which seem to be involved in restricting freedom of speech and freedom to protest peacefully. These things, however, are not what most people see as priorities for policing. All these things suggest that we need elected chief constables now, who are answerable to the electorate, and not to the state.

Hat tip, by the way, to Mr Gary Benfold.


measured said...

Young Master Brown,
Where was the bobby on the beat?
Let's have fines for wasting police, no, that might result in more paperwork.

Phil Walker said...

The Christian Institute as a libertarian organisation…

Okay, I picked myself up off the floor, and I don't think the neighbours got too spooked by the hysterical laughter. The CI's great on freedom of speech, but don't forget: the reason they're so great is because, in all candour, they want the government to legislate everyone's sex life.

Young Mr. Brown said...

Ms. Measured.
I really don't know where he was. One doesn't see so many of them about these days.

Mr. Walker
Glad you appreciated it. :-)
Yes, I know that it doesn't seem very likely, but one can dream, hope, and pray that they will see the light and realise the inconsistency of their position.

bethyada said...

You should widen you post column

Young Mr. Brown said...


Thanks for that. I didn't know it was possible until you suggested it!

Young Mr. Brown said...

Though if you can tell me how to get the blog description to be centred under the blog title in the header, I'll be grateful!

bethyada said...

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