Friday, 14 August 2009

Is Daniel Hannan old fashioned?

According to the Daily Telegraph:
“Mr Hannan is a popular figure among grassroots Tories because of his strong right-wing views. His blog and his public harangue of Gordon Brown in the European Parliament earlier this year also made him a political celebrity in the US.

However, his agenda is at odds with the modernising message of Mr Cameron, who has repeatedly promised that the NHS would be the top priority of a Conservative Government.” (italics mine)
So, if I understand this, Mr. Cameron is a moderniser, and Mr. Hannan is old fashioned - at least with respect to the NHS and the deliverance of health care.

My impression was that Mr. Hannan felt that the NHS was in need of significant change because it was based on a 60 year old model, and that it should be replaced by a system based on more recent models, such as those used in France, Germany, and Singapore - while Mr. Cameron wished to basically keep things the way they have been for decades.

I’m a bit puzzled. I thought that modernising was about changing things to make them more up to date. Have I got that wrong?

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