Saturday, 8 August 2009

Can ACPO get worse?

Can the Association of Chief Police Officers get any worse than this?

Yes, and they probably will.

If this is true, then heads should roll. This is a disgrace. In my opinion, it is far worse than the MPs expenses saga, and we, as a nation should horrified.

Dishonesty, corruption, greed, and filching tax-payers we have always had with us. But the leaders of our constabulary taking the view that they can ignore the law is rather more unusual and serious.

You and I cannot tell a police officer that we will choose which court rulings we will obey, and which we will not. Nor can the police pick and choose. More than anyone else, we expect those charged with enforcing our laws to show complete respect for the law.

As Guy Herbert at Samizdata asks "What does one call a state partially ruled by a club for police chiefs and 'law enforcement' bureaucrats who do not wish to obey the law?"


bethyada said...

Though only tangentially related to your topic here (the police being above the law), this story should give us concern about their DNA database they are being told to create

JonnyN said...

The word "police" has me visibly seething with suppressed rage today after an episode that recalls everything that Nightjack ever taught me. Will wait until it's resolved before writing about it though, in case they find me on public transport and shoot me in the head.