Saturday, 9 May 2009

The avaricious servants: a parable

Once there was a race of beings called MPs, whose duty it was to serve The People. And for their service, The People rewarded these MPs generously. In the course of their duties to The People, these MPs would occasionally spend of their own substance, and The People agreed that it was right that they should be reimbursed, and made reimbursement to them.

Now the MPs took great delight in treasures on earth, and it came to pass that they began to obtain reimbursement for items that they did not tell The People about. And they spoke among themselves, and agreed that it was not good that The People should know about these things.

But a day came when The People heard of their actions. And when The People heard thereof, they were wroth, and they made their anger known to the MPs.

But the MPs apologised not, nor did they repent, for they were righteous in their own eyes, and they just could not see why The People were displeased with them. For, lo, their eyes had been blinded by the god of this world.


Paul said...

Quite sarcastic but very good. :-)

patently said...

Yes, very sharp!