Monday, 13 September 2010

Gloria mundi

According to Total Politics, this blog has been voted one of the top 50 Scottish blogs for 2010. In fact, it managed to place at number 30 - which is a bit of a surprise. I must confess that while it is very nice to be accorded such an honour, the really nice thing is that some people must have made the effort to vote for it. Thank you very much, whoever you are. I am very touched.

I suppose the funny thing is that Stewart Cowan actually got to the story and mentioned it 10 days before I did. (Thanks, Stewart! It's good to see that your blog made the list as well.) I've not been spending much time in the blogosphere recently, and I'm not the only one. Quite a few bloggers seem to be giving up, or going into abeyance - though I see that Tom Paine is back, and even Cranmer has risen from the dead. (I must confess considerable curiosity about the latter, who has made many enigmatic comments about his struggles.)

I also notice that quite a few of the blogs that I read have already appeared on the Total Politics "top blogs" lists, and I hope that several more will do so over the next few weeks as the lists are released.


Jonathan Hunt said...

To think that I never even realised that this WAS a Scottish blog!

Stuart said...

Richly deserved, well done!

Stewart Cowan said...

Yes, richly deserved, YMB.

I'd been looking out for the list just in case I managed to appear this time!

Seeker said...

Just discovered your blog and want to read more posts. I hope you'll continue blogging regularly.

Young Mr. Brown said...

Hello, and welcome to the blog. At this rate, readership will soon be in double figures! I'll try to keep posting.

Stuart and Stewart,
Thank you for your kind words.

I tend to prefer to think of it as a British blog, but Total Politics doesn't have a category for British blogs. The default category is English, and, other than the language that this blog is written in, it has no claim to Englishness.

Anonymous said...

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