Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Hitler and Winterval

Wow! That Adolf Hitler really was ahead of his time!

In recent years, local councils across Britain (most recently in Dundee) have been seeking to drop the word "Christmas" without doing away with all the December decorations. "Christmas Lights" now become "Winter Lights", and the, er, festive season has even been renamed Winterval.

Now it transpires that Hitler got there first. The Nazis rewrote Christmas carols to remove the religious references and replace them with images of snowy fields. Apparently Heinrich Himmler led the way in de-Christing Christmas, and the plan was to remove the emotional ties of the Church and merge Christmas into a Julfest, a celebration of winter and light which drew on pagan traditions. Very up to date.

Of course, local councils in modern Britain would claim that their motivation is completely different from that of the Nazis, and they are only trying to be sensitive to religious and ethnic groups who are uncomfortable with Christian imagery. However, since Muslim, Hindu and Sikh leaders have repeatedly said that they are not offended by Christmas, it has been difficult to work out who exactly was being offended.

It now appears that the group that our councils were so eager not to offend were white, european, blonde haired, blue eyed, Aryans.


doug said...

Of course Goebbels was not averse to publishing lies and this post is certainly based on a lie.

I can't compare you to him as you may not have done the research, but here is the councils official site for you to examine.

No reasonable person can deny that the council is doing anything other than sponsor several Christmas and other christian events.


Young Mr. Brown said...

Hello, Doug.

Thanks for that.

I have now looked at the Dundee Council website. I agree that a four word paranthetic clause in my post may be inaccurate. The rest of the post stands - at least until someone points out the further inaccuracies in newspaper reports!

Newspaper reports were, apparently, inaccurate. Whether that makes them "lies", I am less certain. Some might say that your use of the word 'lie' when you meant 'inaccurate report' was, in itself, er, inaccurate.

I must confess that I find it strange that Dundee Council's publicity was so hopeless, that many Dundee residents, pretty well all newspapers, and the Church of Scotland Presbytery of Dundee were mislead.

Young Mr. Brown said...

p.s. Because the Dundee business is such a minor part of this post, I have amended the headline.

patently said...

And what is the name of the Dundee page? Why, "Winter Light Night". A typo surely, do they not mean "Christmas Lights Night"?