Wednesday, 2 September 2009

A Liberal Democrat talks sense

Last night I was chatting to our local Liberal Democrat councillor, and the discussion came around to the passing of legislation that hadn’t been properly thought through. He remarked that he had often thought that MPs should be given a generous salary, but that every time they passed the law, their pay would be docked by a few thousand pounds. The problem, as he pointed out, is that MPs tend to measure their productivity by the number of laws they pass. Sadly, a lot of voters take the same view - but here was a politically experienced man who could see that it was not so.

I would want to amend his suggestion slightly. Pay MPs a reasonable salary, dock their pay for every new law they pass, and give them a bonus for every law they repeal.

And for good measure, every time a new law is passed, one MP who voted for it should be chosen at random and taken out and shot.


bethyada said...

I have heard the proposal that new laws should need 66% support, and repeal of bad laws need only 33% support.

measured said...

Why not combine old statutes, so you pass one and repeal two or more to simplify legislation and keep everyone happy?

Btw, 'should be chosen at random' - just precisely how this is to be achieved? Thought it worth checking.

Young Mr. Brown said...

How would an MP be chosen at random?

I suppose by drawing a name out of a hat. They could even borrow mine. But I'd have to remember to remove the marmalade sandwich I keep under it for emergencies. Otherwise someone might end up with a sticky hand.

Perhaps it would be safer to use the sort of system that they use for what Mr. Leg-Iron calls the "moron tax".

measured said...

I suspect you won't get many complaints. Can't think why. Invisible ink may be useful.