Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Something the government isn't allowed to ban

Björn Ulvaeus, formerly a member of the musical group ABBA, has recently expressed strong views on the subject of education and indoctrination. He believes that schools should provide a safe haven from indoctrination. I personally believe that it completely impossible for a school to be an indoctrination-free zone, and that it is inevitable that there will be an element of indoctrination mixed in with education. The essential thing, in my view, is that parents know and approve the values and beliefs that their children will be indoctrinated with in school. (I have given some of my thoughts on this whole issue here.)

Mr. Ulvaeus, however, says something rather extraordinary. (At least it will seem extraordinary to those of libertarian outlook.) “Unfortunately the European Convention on Human Rights doesn't permit the banning of independent religious schools.” He believes that the state should be free to ban independent schools. In other words, Mr. Ulvaeus thinks that the state needs more freedom - more freedom to ban things. In other words, more freedom to take away the freedom of its citizens.

This European Convention on Human Rights clearly has its uses - protecting us from people like Mr. Ulvaeus, the ‘ban-everything’ brigade, and those who want more state control.

(Thanks to Mr. Cranmer who has written a witty piece alluding to many of Mr. Ulvaeus’ songs.)

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patently said...

I sometimes wonder if my instinctive anti-State stance is a result of my attendance at Catholic primary schools. History lessons were a hoot - especially on the 5th of November...