Friday, 20 March 2009

Education, the state, and the press

Politicians continue to tell teachers how it is supposed to be done. The state continues to interfere in education. And newspapers continue to show just how well educated journalists are.

From a Telegraph report entitled Row over 'political interference' in exams, and subtitled Schools Secretary Ed Balls will be given new powers to dictate the content of every exam in England under new plans,

we have this:
In a little-noticed move, legislation will give Mr Balls the right to set "minimum requirements" for GCSEs, A-levels, diplomas and other qualifications.

According to guidance, it will give the Government additional powers to dictate issues including "which authors' works needed to be studied for someone to gain a GCSE in English".

The plans - set out in Labour's Apprenticeships, Skills, Children and Learning Bill - has been condemned.
Has they?

Anyway, it's good to hear some common sense from the Liberal Democrats.

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