Wednesday, 18 February 2009

For those who are wondering about the title

Pretty well everyone has come across marmalade, and has also encountered the sandwich. Both are generally acknowledged as having their place. But to put them together is generally regarded as slightly eccentric. And it would generally be considered that no person (or, ahem, bear) of taste and discernment would make the combination their preferred choice.

So it is with libertarianism and Christian faith.



Er-hum. Attempts to write useful responses to post when suffering from insomnia have thus far been abortive; apologies therefore for deleted comments ibid.
We appreciate eccentricity; and we approve marmalade. After all, it is named because it is a very sensible product that cures sea-sickness (mal de mer).
Unlike many libertarians I find theology and libertarianism the most compatible of doctrines because neither rely upon a finite state as a moral arbiter and both acknowledge that humankind possesses equal quantities of good and bad and it is up to them to try freely to act virtuously.

Young Mr. Brown said...

Thank you very much for your kind comments.

I had not realised that marmalade was good for sea-sickness, but that information could have been very helpful to me, since, as you may know, I first came from Darkest Peru to this country as a stowaway. It was my Aunt Lucy's idea. The sea was so rough in the Bay of Biscuits that I nearly got washed overboard several times. You can read more about it in this book on pages 109-110.